Adverts, Privacy & Security

There’s some legal info we’re required to give, so here’s the ‘small print’…


If you click on an advert and buy something we get a small commission as a thank you from that company. It doesn’t make any difference to what you pay, so what do you care? If you do care, don’t click the ads, simple as that.


If you make a comment after a blog post, other visitors will be able to see it. It’s a way to share your thoughts, ideas or helpful suggestions with other woodworkers.

If you send us info via the contact form, or email, that’s between you and us and is completely confidential. Your email address and any other personal details will never be shared without your permission.


When you make a purchase you can choose to create an account or not. It’s up to you. If you do, we’ll keep details like your login, to make it easy for you next time you visit. If you don’t want to do that, that’s fine.

We never see your financial details. Ever. That’s all handled by Paypal and, as you can imagine, they have just about the most secure systems in the world. They’re as safe as it gets.

If you have any questions, or want to know what info we have on file for you, just ask. Any time.