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I’ve got a free intarsia plan for you – and you can download it right now.

So where’s the catch? There isn’t one – but this what me and a couple of other intarsia pattern designers call an “unmade intarsia plan.”

What does that mean? At this stage it’s a basic line drawing. We know it works, because we’ve been drawing plans for over a decade – but we haven’t had the chance to actually make it yet. It’s just a very basic pattern. You get to decide grain direction and what woods you want to use. A copy of the original photo the plan is based on is also included.

We see this plan as being made about two feet across  – so it’s on two sheets, you just have to use the alignment marks to tape them together. We’ve done this with lots of plans and people think it works fine. Certainly saves you having to run down to Kinkos or wherever to get copies made.

Depending on your printer, you could make it bigger or smaller. You don’t have to do the background if you don’t want to – just do the truck.

Want to give this free intarsia plan a try? Click this link to download it now!

When you’re done, maybe you want to send me a photo? I’d love to see how yours worked out. I waas thinking of starting a gallery page, so you can show your skills to other intarsians. Send a single photo only please to:

In a couple of weeks I’m going to do a more refined version, with individual pieces for those who like to cut that way. It will only be a couple of bucks – much  cheaper than usual intarsia plans – but it won’t be free.

Other unmade plans will be coming soon, but if you want the free intarsia plan you’ll need to join the Pattern Club. It doesn’t cost you anything, but future free versions will be exclusive to members only.


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