Better Dust Control Means Better Intarsia!

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March 30, 2017
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May 30, 2017

When you’re making intarsia it’s vital to keep the sawdust under control. A lung-full of that stuff does your health no good at all. It’s also murder on your finishing!

Some people have fancy extraction systems – and they’re great if you can afford one. Most of us make do with a shop vac of some kind. The problem is, sawdust soon clogs the filter, and that has a big impact on efficiency. You can get round the problem by emptying the vac regularly – but that’s a pain.

The alternative is something like the Rockler Dust Separator. It fits any standard 2-1/4″ outlet and gives you a big 10-gallon bucket and a yard of flexible hose. Now you can put an extra, highly-efficient stage in your dust extraction at a very reasonable cost.

The idea is that the majority of the dust and wood chips you generate never makes it to the shop vac – it’s held in the Dust Separator instead. This increase your capacity, and mean less stopping to empty it. The bucket it transparent so you can easily see when it’s getting full. There’s another bonus – your extraction stays more effective because your filter isn’t getting clogged up all the time.

Ninety bucks for this tough, mobile unit is a pretty good price I reckon, but right now it’s just $59.99 – best be quick though. I don’t know how long the offer lasts. Click here now and take a look at the video that explains exactly how to get better dust extraction in your intarsia shop.


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