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March 13, 2017

Would you believe the original Intarsia Designs site was created in 2002?

So it’s no surprise that it was getting to look a bit old! Way back then I think it was the first to offer instant intarsia pattern downloads.

Well anyway, thing moved and the site didn’t change so it was well overdue for an upgrade. Now it’s back and what you’re looking at is the newest intarsia pattern site on the web. Well it was when I wrote this!

What do you think? I’m hoping it’s a combination of all the good things you get from traditional craftsmanship, and all the ease-of-use modern technology can bring – as long as it’s working 😉

I must admit I’m better with sawdust than computers, so I hope it all hangs together!

I’m not going to rattle on. There will be a few new ideas and plenty of old favorites. You can stay up to date (and get some freebies) by joining our Pattern Club.

If you’ve got any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you, just leave a comment below or give me a shout here.

So what do you think...