Pattern Club Confirmation

Thanks for joining us!

Your membership is confirmed and you can now download your four free patterns. Just click on this link, or the image on the right and choose where on your computer you want to save them.

Instructions for making intarsia are at the start, followed by the patterns. You can print them as many times as you like, and whatever sizes your printer will allow.

It should be straight-forward, but you know what computers are like. If anything doesn’t go quite right just send us a message and we’ll sort it out.

Want to help improve the club?

We hear about lots of deals and events, but maybe there are things you know that we don’t? A local intarsia or woodworking show that you think is worth a visit? Other news for intarsians and scrollsaw users? Why not let us know – and we’ll share your info with the rest of the intarsia pattern club!

In fact if you have any suggestions at all, give us a shout. We can’t promise that everything will be included, but we’ll try!