Animal Patterns

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  • Leaping Trout


    Fred and Helen Martin’s interpretation of a classic intarsia pattern popular with beginners was featured in Canada’s Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine.

    There are 18 pieces.

  • Hee-Haw


    Newton R. Ferguson brings us another amusing intarsia plan.

    We think it would make a great companion for Prospector Pete or Willy The Hillbilly.

    There are 38 pieces.

  • Buffalo Skull


    An evocative intarsia pattern the shop of Fred and Helen Martin. Perhaps it’s my age, but I keep hearing “Hotel California” by The Eagles!

    Another superb example of how great intarsia doesn’t always need dozens of parts.

    There are 18 pieces.

  • Calico Kitten


    Another superb intarsia plan from Janette Square once again showing her mastery of feline subjects.

    Isn’t it marvelous how you can develop such charm and character with bits of wood!

    There are 35 pieces.

  • Golden Retriever


    Perhaps better known for her very popular cat and kitten plans, Janette Square is an accomplished designer of other animals too – as you can see from this charming canine intarsia pattern.

    There are 31 pieces.

  • Peeking Frog


    This charming intarsia plan is from the shop of Janette Square who is well known for her very popular feline pieces. Seems she’s not just a cat lover!

    I wonder how it would look if you added a clock to the leaf area…?

    There are 24 pieces.

  • Warrior’s Pony


    Another evocative intarsia pattern from the shop of Christina and Wayne Prinn.

    By removing the feathers it becomes an ordinary pony, and by changing the woods it can be whatever color you like.

    There are 60 pieces.

  • Kitten in Leaves


    This cute little creature is from the shop of Janette Square.

    Although this version of the intarsia pattern shows a light colored kitty, using dark woods will work equally well. The choice is yours.

    There are 37 pieces.

  • Wolf


    Another attractive wildlife intarsia plan from the shop of Christine and Wayne Prinn.

    Not one for the beginner perhaps, but an interesting challenge for the intermediate or advanced intarsian.

    There are 58 pieces.

  • Hangin’ Out Cat


    I have always been amazed at the way a cat can go from tearing around like a lunatic – to fast asleep – in about half a second.

    This intarsia pattern from Janette Square perfectly illustrates the cat in relaxed mode!

    There are 33 pieces.

  • Lion’s Head


    This impressive intarsia pattern comes from the shop of Christine and Wayne Prinn who provide us with a number of powerful animal designs.

    This one is a good test for your cutting and shaping skills.

    There are 64 pieces.

  • Dogwood Dog


    We’re not quite sure how to describe this intarsia pattern from Phyllis Findley. It makes us smile though!

    There are 24 pieces.

  • Wolf Head


    You might recognise Christina & Wayne Prinn’s style in this intarsia plan. Their slightly abstract, free-form approach seems particularly suited to this subject.

    There are 23 pieces.

  • Burro


    Once again an intarsia plan full of character from Newton R Ferguson. There’s a choice here – you could leave the stable part out. The burro still makes a great piece on its own.

    There are 25 pieces.

  • Basset Hound


    This sad looking hound is another super intarsia pattern from the shop of Louise Hood.

    A friend of mine has one of these, and despite their expression they are actually boisterous, fun characters.

    There are 29 pieces.

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