Bird Patterns

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  • Hoot the Owl


    “Hoot” is another of Newton R. Ferguson’s superb intarsia patterns, and has his usual injection of humor.

    I’ve wondered about a way to include a clock – if you have any ideas, let me know.

    There are 42 pieces.

  • Penguin


    An attractive yet simple intarsia pattern.

    With easy cutting and minimal shaping, it’s an ideal learning piece for the beginner.

    There are 11 pieces.

  • Puffin


    Another in a series of excellently observed bird plans from designer Louise Hood.

    There’s a colony of these unusual birds just down the coast from us. They look quite comical, but in the water they’re fascinating – a fat but nimble missile.

    There are 32 pieces.

  • Sid the Seagull


    An ideal beginner’s piece from Newton R. Ferguson, although we think it’s got that certain something that will appeal to intarsians of all levels.

    There are 13 pieces.

  • Robin and Dogwood


    This piece is from the shop of Phyllis Findley – a lady who loves her dogwoods. Despite the apparent complexity of this piece, clever cutting and shaping greatly reduces the number of parts you need to make.

    There are 32 pieces.

  • Burrowing Owl


    A lovely representation of one of America’s most endearing and yet endangered owls.

    From an original design by Helen Martin.

    There are 51 pieces.

  • Humming Bird Mirror


    Designed as the top right corner of a mirror, the background shape could easily be change for use as a stand-alone piece.

    This and our Easter Lily are available as a set at 15% off. Click Here.

    The are 26 pieces.

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