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  • The Doghouse


    Another great plan from Newton R. Ferguson which provides a challenge in the making and the option to personalise the finished piece.

    Because of the complexity, a selection of detailed photos are included.

    There are 82 pieces.

  • Motorcycle


    Fred and Helen Martin bring us this image of a timeless American classic.

    An interesting option could be the addition of an insert clock.

    There are 66 pieces.

  • The Outhouse


    Newton R. Ferguson brings us a challenge of skill and patience with this one – although he won’t tell us if this is actually where he does his creative thinking!

    Please note: when working with this many pieces an uncluttered work area is vital.

    There are 102 pieces.

  • Windmill


    Well known for their maritime themes, Fred & Helen Martin bring us sails of a different kind…

    …and a bit of a test for your cutting skills.

    There are 34 pieces.

  • Race Cars


    We’ll admit it’s not a highly accurate interpretation of Nascar, but those folks are very protective of their logos and we don’t want to end up in court!

    We’ve hope we’ve captured the spirit of oval racing though.

    There are 44 pieces.

  • Theater Masks


    This classical image comes to us from the shop of Christine & Wayne Prinn.

    It can be made with only two different woods and in any number of color combinations – for example the reverse of what you see here.

    There are 33 pieces.

  • Robin and Dogwood


    This piece is from the shop of Phyllis Findley – a lady who loves her dogwoods. Despite the apparent complexity of this piece, clever cutting and shaping greatly reduces the number of parts you need to make.

    There are 32 pieces.

  • Bring on the Lawn


    Another great piece from the shop of top intarsian Newton R Ferguson. You can almost hear the rumble of the engine and the whoosh of the blade!

    There are 63 pieces.

  • Mistletoe


    A seasonal favorite from the shop of Judy and Larry Vierstra. Would make a nice piece for your door – or here’s a challenge for you – can you make it small enough for a tree decoration?

    There are 25 pieces.

  • Mirror Set

    $9.90 $8.40

    Get both these plans in one and save 15% on the normal price.

    You don’t even have to make them into a mirror frame if you don’t want to!

    The are 56 pieces.

  • Easter Lily


    We were asked to design this plan for the corner of a mirror – hence the background shape which could easily be changed to suit a stand-alone piece.

    We followed this with a Humming Bird for the opposite corner and they are now available as a set at 15% off. Click Here.

    The are 30 pieces.

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