People & Character Patterns

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  • The Red Baron


    Newton R. Ferguson’s at it again with his latest caricature.

    This time it’s Snoopy’s long time enemy and the scourge of the skies over France in WW1.

    There are 46 pieces.

  • Willy The Hillbilly


    Many intarsians will recognize the popular style of designer Newton R. Ferguson.

    Willy is well within the scope of those new to intarsia who are looking to move on from very basic plans to something a little more challenging.

    There are 44 pieces.

  • Old Sailor


    Fred Martin is a well-known intarsian whose wife Helen produces their designs.

    They call this guy “Oldswabby” – a local nickname for seafarers, I’m told.

    There are 27 pieces.

  • Happy Tooth


    A lovely, humorous piece from the shop of Newton R Ferguson. A great example of how shaping and contouring turns relatively simple intarsia into something special.

    There are 16 pieces.

  • The Snowman


    Designer Louise Hood brings us this friendly, festive fellow.

    It’s a clever piece that appeals to the experienced intarsian, yet is within the scope of the beginner.

    There are 25 pieces.

  • Theater Masks


    This classical image comes to us from the shop of Christine & Wayne Prinn.

    It can be made with only two different woods and in any number of color combinations – for example the reverse of what you see here.

    There are 33 pieces.

  • Bashful


    This delightful coy character comes from the shop of Newton R Ferguson. It makes clever use of the backer as part of the scene.

    There are 50 pieces.

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