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  • Love Bear


    Barbara Rhoades brings us this delightful intarsia plan.

    It’s an ideal pattern for beginners and yet we think has a certain something that appeals to intarsians of all skill levels.

    There are 16 pieces.

  • Swing Time


    Another very charming and cheerful intarsia pattern from the shop of Newton R Ferguson.

    These kind of plans offer you several options: you can change hair and clothing color to suit your own wood stocks.

  • Girl on a Swing


    A marvelous piece from the shop of Judy & Larry Vierstra.

    It’s based on their daughter, who also helped with drawing up the design.

    There are 128 pieces.

  • A Big Hug


    A wonderful piece from Newton R. Ferguson full of warmth and character.

    For those intarsians who sell their work the finished picture also has considerable ‘customer’ appeal.

    There are 88 pieces.