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  • Buffalo Skull


    An evocative intarsia pattern the shop of Fred and Helen Martin. Perhaps it’s my age, but I keep hearing “Hotel California” by The Eagles!

    Another superb example of how great intarsia doesn’t always need dozens of parts.

    There are 18 pieces.

  • Contemplatin’ Cowpoke


    Newton R. Ferguson yet again brings us an intarsia pattern of gentle charm and humor.

    You’ll need patience and skill to complete it to an equally high standard – but the effort will be worth it.

    There are 58 pieces.

  • Tough Hombre


    Tuff Hombre is an amusing and challenging intarsia plan from Newton R Ferguson.

    He will certainly test your cutting skills and – as you can see – requires extensive contouring to make him look his best.

    There are 80 pieces.