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  • Golden Retriever


    Perhaps better known for her very popular cat and kitten plans, Janette Square is an accomplished designer of other animals too – as you can see from this charming canine intarsia pattern.

    There are 31 pieces.

  • Dogwood Dog


    We’re not quite sure how to describe this intarsia pattern from Phyllis Findley. It makes us smile though!

    There are 24 pieces.

  • Basset Hound


    This sad looking hound is another super intarsia pattern from the shop of Louise Hood.

    A friend of mine has one of these, and despite their expression they are actually boisterous, fun characters.

    There are 29 pieces.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog


    This charming intarsia pattern comes from the shop of Louise Hood. We think you’ll agree she has perfectly captured this dog’s big, friendly character.

    There are 36 pieces.

  • Bulldog


    This intarsia pattern from Newton R. Ferguson  makes us smile every time we see it.

    Relatively simple to cut, the beauty is in the contour sanding.

    There are 30 pieces.

  • The Doghouse


    Another great plan from Newton R. Ferguson which provides a challenge in the making and the option to personalise the finished piece.

    Because of the complexity, a selection of detailed photos are included.

    There are 82 pieces.