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  • Cardinal


    Another terrific intarsia pattern by our ornothological expert Louise Hood.

    Louise is at pains to point out she doesn’t just do birds – but when they’re as good as this, we say the more the merrier!

    There are 30 pieces.

  • Humming Birds


    A quite stunning intarsia pattern from Fred & Helen Martin.

    It is made without a backing and so requires a great deal of accuracy. For that reason we suggest this plan would suit the more experienced intarsian.

    There are 90 pieces.

  • Hoot the Owl


    “Hoot” is another of Newton R. Ferguson’s superb intarsia patterns, and has his usual injection of humor.

    I’ve wondered about a way to include a clock – if you have any ideas, let me know.

    There are 42 pieces.

  • Penguin


    An attractive yet simple intarsia pattern.

    With easy cutting and minimal shaping, it’s an ideal learning piece for the beginner.

    There are 11 pieces.

  • Peeking Frog


    This charming intarsia plan is from the shop of Janette Square who is well known for her very popular feline pieces. Seems she’s not just a cat lover!

    I wonder how it would look if you added a clock to the leaf area…?

    There are 24 pieces.

  • Wolf


    Another attractive wildlife intarsia plan from the shop of Christine and Wayne Prinn.

    Not one for the beginner perhaps, but an interesting challenge for the intermediate or advanced intarsian.

    There are 58 pieces.

  • Wolf Head


    You might recognise Christina & Wayne Prinn’s style in this intarsia plan. Their slightly abstract, free-form approach seems particularly suited to this subject.

    There are 23 pieces.

  • Standing Bear


    This intarsia plan, from Christina and Wayne Prinn, reminds me of early American frontier or folk art – relatively simple yet a stylish and accurate image of the creature.

    There are 36 pieces.

  • Brown Bear


    In this intarsia plan, designers Christina and Wayne have captured the grace and power of this magnificent creature.

    By incorporating many curves they’ve managed to give great representation of the feeling of the thick fur coat.

    There are 29 pieces.

  • Racoon & Baby


    This charming intarsia plan comes from Ginny Burtin who has managed to capture the spirit of the animal and a certain extra warmth.

    I’m trying to resist the word cute, but it is, isn’t it!

    There are 38 pieces.

  • Ladybug


    This ladybug (or ladybird) intarsia pattern doesn’t have a lot of parts, but some of the cutting – the legs and antennae – is quite tricky.

    So are you up for a challenge?

    There are 27 pieces.

  • Apple A Day


    Another great intarsia plan from Newton R Ferguson Рwho strongly denies that this  cheerful piece was inspired by the fruit in his own back yard!

    There are 26 pieces.

  • Puffin


    Another in a series of excellently observed bird plans from designer Louise Hood.

    There’s a colony of these unusual birds just down the coast from us. They look quite comical, but in the water they’re fascinating – a fat but nimble missile.

    There are 32 pieces.

  • Butterfly on Dogwood


    This charming piece comes from the shop of Phyllis Findley.

    It has broad appeal and would definitely suit beginners who want to practice cutting curves.

    There are 23 pieces.

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