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  • Buffalo Skull


    An evocative intarsia pattern the shop of Fred and Helen Martin. Perhaps it’s my age, but I keep hearing “Hotel California” by The Eagles!

    Another superb example of how great intarsia doesn’t always need dozens of parts.

    There are 18 pieces.

  • Brown Bear


    In this intarsia plan, designers Christina and Wayne have captured the grace and power of this magnificent creature.

    By incorporating many curves they’ve managed to give great representation of the feeling of the thick fur coat.

    There are 29 pieces.

  • The Work Horse


    Fred and Helen Martin bring us this lovely intaria pattern featuring the original “Horse Power”.

    The plan offers you a great variety in choice of timber. Your horse could be a chesnut, roan, bay, whatever you like!

    There are 53 pieces.

  • Contemplatin’ Cowpoke


    Newton R. Ferguson yet again brings us an intarsia pattern of gentle charm and humor.

    You’ll need patience and skill to complete it to an equally high standard – but the effort will be worth it.

    There are 58 pieces.

  • Willy The Hillbilly


    Many intarsians will recognize the popular style of designer Newton R. Ferguson.

    Willy is well within the scope of those new to intarsia who are looking to move on from very basic plans to something a little more challenging.

    There are 44 pieces.

  • Windmill Pump


    Designer Phyllis Findley brings us this interpretation of that classic and vital piece of engineering that you find sprinkled everywhere across our landscape.

    As a little extra, you might want to consider adding a fit-up clock movement to the center of the wheel, giving you an interesting timepiece.

    There are 55 pieces.

  • The Outhouse


    Newton R. Ferguson brings us a challenge of skill and patience with this one – although he won’t tell us if this is actually where he does his creative thinking!

    Please note: when working with this many pieces an uncluttered work area is vital.

    There are 102 pieces.