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  • Blue Shark


    From the shop of Judy and Larry Vierstra comes this ideal beginners intarsia pattern.

    It’s not just for those new to the art though. The power and movement captured make it appealing to intarsians of all levels.

    There are 17 pieces.

  • Sid the Seagull


    An ideal beginner’s piece from Newton R. Ferguson, although we think it’s got that certain something that will appeal to intarsians of all levels.

    There are 13 pieces.

  • Old Sailor


    Fred Martin is a well-known intarsian whose wife Helen produces their designs.

    They call this guy “Oldswabby” – a local nickname for seafarers, I’m told.

    There are 27 pieces.

  • Sand Shark


    Many beginners start with a dolphin or whale. How about this for an alternative! Make a few at different sizes to create a whole shoal.

    There are 14 pieces.