Wild West

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  • Hee-Haw


    Newton R. Ferguson brings us another amusing intarsia plan.

    We think it would make a great companion for Prospector Pete or Willy The Hillbilly.

    There are 38 pieces.

  • Prospector Pete


    Another great caricature from Newton R. Ferguson – you can almost smell the chewing tobacco!

    He’s also a great example of contour sanding. There isn’t a single shim or riser in the entire piece.

    There are 31 pieces.

  • Buffalo Skull


    An evocative intarsia pattern the shop of Fred and Helen Martin. Perhaps it’s my age, but I keep hearing “Hotel California” by The Eagles!

    Another superb example of how great intarsia doesn’t always need dozens of parts.

    There are 18 pieces.

  • Warrior’s Pony


    Another evocative intarsia pattern from the shop of Christina and Wayne Prinn.

    By removing the feathers it becomes an ordinary pony, and by changing the woods it can be whatever color you like.

    There are 60 pieces.

  • Contemplatin’ Cowpoke


    Newton R. Ferguson yet again brings us an intarsia pattern of gentle charm and humor.

    You’ll need patience and skill to complete it to an equally high standard – but the effort will be worth it.

    There are 58 pieces.

  • Tough Hombre


    Tuff Hombre is an amusing and challenging intarsia plan from Newton R Ferguson.

    He will certainly test your cutting skills and – as you can see – requires extensive contouring to make him look his best.

    There are 80 pieces.

  • Siesta Time


    Another tremendously amusing intarsia plan from the shop of Newton R Ferguson.

    It should appeal to all intarsians, from beginner to expert.

    There are 33 pieces.

  • American Indian


    Fred and Helen Martin bring us this beautiful and evocative piece.

    Although complex there is no really difficult cutting, making it ideal for those looking to move on from beginners plans. Patience is the key!

    There are 75 pieces.

  • The Outhouse


    Newton R. Ferguson brings us a challenge of skill and patience with this one – although he won’t tell us if this is actually where he does his creative thinking!

    Please note: when working with this many pieces an uncluttered work area is vital.

    There are 102 pieces.