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  • Hangin’ Out Cat


    I have always been amazed at the way a cat can go from tearing around like a lunatic – to fast asleep – in about half a second.

    This intarsia pattern from Janette Square perfectly illustrates the cat in relaxed mode!

    There are 33 pieces.

  • Lion’s Head


    This impressive intarsia pattern comes from the shop of Christine and Wayne Prinn who provide us with a number of powerful animal designs.

    This one is a good test for your cutting and shaping skills.

    There are 64 pieces.

  • Dogwood Dog


    We’re not quite sure how to describe this intarsia pattern from Phyllis Findley. It makes us smile though!

    There are 24 pieces.

  • Wolf Head


    You might recognise Christina & Wayne Prinn’s style in this intarsia plan. Their slightly abstract, free-form approach seems particularly suited to this subject.

    There are 23 pieces.

  • Burro


    Once again an intarsia plan full of character from Newton R Ferguson. There’s a choice here – you could leave the stable part out. The burro still makes a great piece on its own.

    There are 25 pieces.

  • Basset Hound


    This sad looking hound is another super intarsia pattern from the shop of Louise Hood.

    A friend of mine has one of these, and despite their expression they are actually boisterous, fun characters.

    There are 29 pieces.

  • Standing Bear


    This intarsia plan, from Christina and Wayne Prinn, reminds me of early American frontier or folk art – relatively simple yet a stylish and accurate image of the creature.

    There are 36 pieces.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog


    This charming intarsia pattern comes from the shop of Louise Hood. We think you’ll agree she has perfectly captured this dog’s big, friendly character.

    There are 36 pieces.

  • Brown Bear


    In this intarsia plan, designers Christina and Wayne have captured the grace and power of this magnificent creature.

    By incorporating many curves they’ve managed to give great representation of the feeling of the thick fur coat.

    There are 29 pieces.

  • Racoon & Baby


    This charming intarsia plan comes from Ginny Burtin who has managed to capture the spirit of the animal and a certain extra warmth.

    I’m trying to resist the word cute, but it is, isn’t it!

    There are 38 pieces.

  • Blue Shark


    From the shop of Judy and Larry Vierstra comes this ideal beginners intarsia pattern.

    It’s not just for those new to the art though. The power and movement captured make it appealing to intarsians of all levels.

    There are 17 pieces.

  • Love Bear


    Barbara Rhoades brings us this delightful intarsia plan.

    It’s an ideal pattern for beginners and yet we think has a certain something that appeals to intarsians of all skill levels.

    There are 16 pieces.

  • The Work Horse


    Fred and Helen Martin bring us this lovely intaria pattern featuring the original “Horse Power”.

    The plan offers you a great variety in choice of timber. Your horse could be a chesnut, roan, bay, whatever you like!

    There are 53 pieces.

  • Man’s Best Friend


    Another terrific example of intarsia pattern humor from Newton R. Ferguson.

    Instructions for the paper effect are included along with an alternative “bone” for those who prefer it.

    There are 31 pieces.

  • Bulldog


    This intarsia pattern from Newton R. Ferguson  makes us smile every time we see it.

    Relatively simple to cut, the beauty is in the contour sanding.

    There are 30 pieces.

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