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  • Ladybug


    This ladybug (or ladybird) intarsia pattern doesn’t have a lot of parts, but some of the cutting – the legs and antennae – is quite tricky.

    So are you up for a challenge?

    There are 27 pieces.

  • Contemplatin’ Cowpoke


    Newton R. Ferguson yet again brings us an intarsia pattern of gentle charm and humor.

    You’ll need patience and skill to complete it to an equally high standard – but the effort will be worth it.

    There are 58 pieces.

  • Tough Hombre


    Tuff Hombre is an amusing and challenging intarsia plan from Newton R Ferguson.

    He will certainly test your cutting skills and – as you can see – requires extensive contouring to make him look his best.

    There are 80 pieces.

  • Apple A Day


    Another great intarsia plan from Newton R Ferguson Рwho strongly denies that this  cheerful piece was inspired by the fruit in his own back yard!

    There are 26 pieces.

  • Siesta Time


    Another tremendously amusing intarsia plan from the shop of Newton R Ferguson.

    It should appeal to all intarsians, from beginner to expert.

    There are 33 pieces.

  • Swing Time


    Another very charming and cheerful intarsia pattern from the shop of Newton R Ferguson.

    These kind of plans offer you several options: you can change hair and clothing color to suit your own wood stocks.

  • The Jazz Man


    There’s a certain jazz style to the make up of this piece by Christina and Wayne Prinn – and not just in the subject.

    This intarsia pattern will provide a challenge to woodworkers of intermediate and expert level.

    There are 85 pieces.

  • Girl on a Swing


    A marvelous piece from the shop of Judy & Larry Vierstra.

    It’s based on their daughter, who also helped with drawing up the design.

    There are 128 pieces.

  • Young Lady


    This wonderful piece is the work of Newton R. Ferguson, who points out that you can change hair color, hat, bow, dress, flowers, etc. to suit your own taste or your current wood supply.

    There are 72 pieces.

  • Gladiator


    A powerful piece from the shop of Judy & Larry Vierstra.

    The original was designed as part of a store sign for Gladiator Games in San Antonio, Texas.

    There are 61 pieces.

  • Da Boss


    Another amusing and skillfully designed piece from Newton R. Ferguson.

    Amazing what can be created with a few pieces of wood, isn’t it.

    There are 65 pieces.

  • A Big Hug


    A wonderful piece from Newton R. Ferguson full of warmth and character.

    For those intarsians who sell their work the finished picture also has considerable ‘customer’ appeal.

    There are 88 pieces.

  • American Indian


    Fred and Helen Martin bring us this beautiful and evocative piece.

    Although complex there is no really difficult cutting, making it ideal for those looking to move on from beginners plans. Patience is the key!

    There are 75 pieces.

  • The Red Baron


    Newton R. Ferguson’s at it again with his latest caricature.

    This time it’s Snoopy’s long time enemy and the scourge of the skies over France in WW1.

    There are 46 pieces.

  • Willy The Hillbilly


    Many intarsians will recognize the popular style of designer Newton R. Ferguson.

    Willy is well within the scope of those new to intarsia who are looking to move on from very basic plans to something a little more challenging.

    There are 44 pieces.

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