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  • Robin and Dogwood


    This piece is from the shop of Phyllis Findley – a lady who loves her dogwoods. Despite the apparent complexity of this piece, clever cutting and shaping greatly reduces the number of parts you need to make.

    There are 32 pieces.

  • Bring on the Lawn


    Another great piece from the shop of top intarsian Newton R Ferguson. You can almost hear the rumble of the engine and the whoosh of the blade!

    There are 63 pieces.

  • Mistletoe


    A seasonal favorite from the shop of Judy and Larry Vierstra. Would make a nice piece for your door – or here’s a challenge for you – can you make it small enough for a tree decoration?

    There are 25 pieces.

  • Sand Shark


    Many beginners start with a dolphin or whale. How about this for an alternative! Make a few at different sizes to create a whole shoal.

    There are 14 pieces.

  • Bashful


    This delightful coy character comes from the shop of Newton R Ferguson. It makes clever use of the backer as part of the scene.

    There are 50 pieces.

  • Burrowing Owl


    A lovely representation of one of America’s most endearing and yet endangered owls.

    From an original design by Helen Martin.

    There are 51 pieces.

  • Mirror Set

    $9.90 $8.40

    Get both these plans in one and save 15% on the normal price.

    You don’t even have to make them into a mirror frame if you don’t want to!

    The are 56 pieces.

  • Humming Bird Mirror


    Designed as the top right corner of a mirror, the background shape could easily be change for use as a stand-alone piece.

    This and our Easter Lily are available as a set at 15% off. Click Here.

    The are 26 pieces.

  • Easter Lily


    We were asked to design this plan for the corner of a mirror – hence the background shape which could easily be changed to suit a stand-alone piece.

    We followed this with a Humming Bird for the opposite corner and they are now available as a set at 15% off. Click Here.

    The are 30 pieces.

  • Bedtime Kitten


    Janette Square has been hard at work in her shop to bring us another in her series of charming feline friends. This one will appeal to intarsians of all skill levels and is an ideal plan for those new to the art.

    The are 33 pieces.

  • The Bowsander


    The unique bowsander offers unrivaled sanding accuracy, is easy to use and will save your skin!

    Each bowsander is hand-made to order and takes several days to complete. We will email you when yours ships. Please allow a minimum of 12 days delivery to US or Canada, and 24 days for the rest of the world.

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