The Pattern Club

The idea of the Intarsia Pattern Club is two-fold:

  1. To give you the chance to save money on our intarsia plans (and we’ll start you off with a few free ones).
  2. To keep you up-to-date with offers and special deals we hear about on tools or anything else related to intarsia, scrollsawing or woodworking.

All you need to do is let us have your name and your email address. Just fill out the two boxes on the right where it says ‘Join The Pattern Club!

We’ll never share your details with anyone else and you can cancel any time. Oh, and there’s no obligation to buy anything – we’re just showing you how to save money – but only if the things we find interest you.

And we’re not going to fill your inbox with nonsense. We’ll be in touch once a month, maybe more often if we hear about something really special.

So what about those free intarsia patterns?

There are four free plans in all – each is pictured on this page (the one of Anubis is exclusive to pattern club members, you can’t actually buy it anywhere).

But actually we’re giving away a bit more than just these great intarsia plans.

There’s also a full set of detailed instruction for both the popular methods of making intarsia:
There’s ‘Cut & Paste’ and there’s ‘Trace’. Lots of intarsia books cover one way of doing things but few cover both.

Intarsia beginners will find the information invaluable and even those with lots of experience might learn a couple of new things!

The whole lot comes in a single PDF file that can be used on any computer. You can read about how to make intarsia on screen, then print out the free patterns and get busy in the workshop!

So that’s four free intarsia patterns, a booklet on making intarsia, plus money-saving offers every month – and none of it will cost you a cent. Let us have your details and you can get started with the freebies in just a couple of minutes!